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At Jurlique, nature has always been our inspiration for health, skin care and wellbeing. Whether it’s the food we eat or the botanical extracts we use in our products, we believe that nature is the answer. Just a touch of nature in your daily skin care ritual can help replenish and protect your natural beauty.

Products labelled as ‘natural’ contain ingredients derived from plant sources like herbs, flowers, roots and essential oils. Natural skin care isn’t a new phenomenon (we’ve been doing it since the 1980s), and botanical treatments have played a vital role in enhancing beauty for years.

As more and more people turn away from harsh, chemical products, nature’s role in offering pure, potent skin care solutions will only continue to increase.

But first, let’s take a look at why natural skin care is so important.

Beauty starts on the inside

Skin is very absorbent, and up to 60% of substances applied to its surface can end up circulating in the body. While absorption rates differ from person to person, exposure to artificial materials can place an additional burden on the body’s detoxifying process.

Your skin’s wellbeing often depends on the products you use – so gentle ingredients are really important when it comes to nurturing your skin.

Here are some natural extracts you’ll find in our products to let your beauty shine from the inside out:

  • Rose to hydrates and rebalances skin
  • Calendula to soothe redness, and calm dryness, sensitivity or irritation
  • Chamomile to balance dryness and calm irritation
  • Lavender to calm and hydrates skin
  • Jojoba, which is rich in antioxidants, and high in essential fatty acids and nutrients
  • Shea butter, to moisturise and deeply soften skin
  • Marshmallow root to attract and retain water for intense, lasting hydration and protection

Nature protects

Skin is the body’s largest organ, tasked with protecting us 24/7. Natural skin care routines work in synergy with your skin to help it maintain optimal pH levels and remain hydrated, to stay strong yet supple.

Exposure to artificial fragrances or irritating chemicals can trigger skin redness and irritation, even allergic reactions. Natural, organic and biodynamic products give peace of mind, with the knowledge your skin is far less likely to react.

Natural skin care products can also protect by addressing skin concerns. For example, our Biosome-5 technology blends five natural extracts to target multiple signs of ageing (like deep lines, wrinkles, acute dehydration, and loss of firmness and elasticity). The result? An anti-ageing range that doesn’t compromise on luxury – or effectiveness.

Caring for the environment

In our busy modern lives of routines and schedules, natural skin care products help us reconnect with nature. This is especially the case for brands committed to minimising their environmental footprint. The products we choose can either fuel pollution or contribute to the health of our planet with environmentally-friendly, sustainable packaging and practices. For example, Jurlique:

  • Saves 2,000kL of water a year
  • Has reduced carbon emissions by 20%
  • Has solar panels that generate 65KW of energy per year, and
  • Eliminates 70% of wastage during production
Nature has the ultimate power to create, nourish and soothe. And from seed to harvest, we nurture our plants, so they can nurture your skin. It’s the purity and potency of our ingredients, and the way they’re tailored to skin concerns, that show just how far Jurlique has come in the last 30+ years. Because when it comes to skin care, we defer to nature – and nature really does know best.

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