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Have you been experiencing unexplained breakouts recently? It might be due to the stress of the pandemic, lockdown and maskne (yes, it’s a real thing), but it might be something as simple as the cleanser you’re using. In fact, a lot of people breakout after using a new cleanser, which seems like an oxymoron…aren’t they supposed to clean your skin? Well, yes, but if you’re not using one that’s well-suited to your skin type, cleansers can cause a skin pH imbalance which results in irritation and can cause sudden breakouts. The best way to avoid it is to choose the best cleanser for your skin type and skin concerns.

How can cleanser cause breakouts?

A cleanser that is too harsh for your skin type can cause breakouts by disrupting the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier and stripping away essential oils and moisture. This can leave skin feeling dry, tight and vulnerable to oil imbalances, which can lead to breakouts. Your skin’s protective moisture barrier also prevents bacterial growth that can cause blemishes, so if it’s disrupted, that bacteria can flourish. The wrong cleanser can also disrupt the naturally acidic pH of your skin, making it more vulnerable to infection and damage.

What cleanser should I use?

So, it’s important to choose the right cleanser for radiant, healthy-looking skin. Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type and concern to start your skin care ritual off right (we recommend you use our Nourishing Cleansing Oil first and do a double cleanse at night to get rid of dirt and impurities):

For dry, dehydrated skin: Our Replenishing Cleansing Lotion uses Marshmallow Root extract, Calendula Flower extract, and Shea butter to gently and deeply cleanse dry and sensitive skin while restoring moisture and soothing irritation.
For oily skin: Thanks to Rosemary Leaf and Spilanthes extracts, our Revitalising Cleansing Gel refreshes skin and controls excess oil production and shine.
For mature skin: Fight fine lines and other signs of ageing with our Nutri-Define Supreme Cleansing Foam, which uses Jojoba beads, Spilanthes and Horseradish extracts, and our signature Biosome6 blend to gently whisk away dead skin and smooth wrinkles.
For combination skin: Reveal fresh, glowing skin with our Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser, which harnesses the power of Calendula Flower, Willow Bark, and our exclusive Jurlique Rose extracts to remove impurities, unclog pores, and balance oil production.
Choosing the right cleanser can protect your skin and ensure it stays radiant and blemish-free. Discover our wide range of cleansers and shop online now.