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​​Our hands hold a lot of power, serving as a bridge to our senses while connecting us to the world around us. Yet, in the midst of our daily skincare rituals, we sometimes overlook our hardworking hands.​​ 

​​Incorporating hand care into your daily ritual presents an opportunity to show your hands some love while calming the mind and bringing a greater awareness to your senses. Here are a few tips on how to give your hands the tender, loving care they deserve:​​ 

STEP 1: Wash with intention

The simple act of washing your hands can be transformed into a mindful ritual. Pay attention to the temperature of the water and the sensations on your skin, and use this time to intentionally wash away the stresses of the day.

STEP 2: Nourish your hands:

Jurlique's luxurious hand creams, enriched with farm-grown botanicals, are the perfect way to pamper your hands. The creamy texture provides a tactile experience that's both soothing and rejuvenating. Massage Jurlique’s Lavender or Rose Hand Cream into your hands, paying special attention to the palms and each finger, allowing the rich formulation to absorb deeply, leaving your hands soft, smooth and revitalised. 

STEP 3: Show your cuticles some love:​​

​Jurlique’s multi-purpose Rare Rose Face Oil, infused with Jurlique Rose Extract and a blend of plant oils, is the perfect way to nourish your cuticles. Using only a couple of drops, use your thumb to press the oil gently along the base of each nail.​ 

STEP 4: Hand massage:

Take a self-care moment each day and indulge in a mini hand massage. Using Jurlique's Citrus or Jasmine Hand Cream, begin by rubbing your palms together to generate heat, then gently knead each finger and the spaces between them. Finish with soothing strokes along the back of your hand, allowing tension to melt away.​​​ 

​Incorporating handcare into your daily ritual is an act of self-care that extends far beyond skincare. It's an opportunity to nurture your hands, calm your mind, and awaken your senses. By infusing intention, nourishment, and touch into this simple ritual, you can help improve your wellbeing and celebrate the remarkable power of touch.​ 

 Show your hands some love with Jurlique hand creams.​​