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Blemish Control

Blemish Control
Cleanse, rebalance and prevent skin blemishes and breakouts with our natural blemish control skincare. Specially formulated to deeply cleanse skin and control shine, our revitalising cleanser and purifying face mask will leave skin soft, clean, balanced and blemish-free.


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  1. Nourishing Cleansing Oil 200ml
  2. Daily Exfoliating Cream 100ml
  3. Revitalising Cleansing Gel 200ml
  4. Moisture Plus Rare Rose Discovery Ritual Set
  5. Calendula Lavender Hydrating Essence
  6. Chamomile-Rose Hydrating Essence 50ml
  7. Nutri-Define Discovery Ritual Set
  8. Nutri-Define Supreme Cleansing Foam 100mL